Like nearly all instruments, pipe organs need periodic tuning.  Most of our customers receive regular seasonal touch-ups to get their instruments sounding their best.  Other places make sure their pipe organs get their instrument back in line in preparation for a concert or big wedding event.  A few of our larger accounts are tuned six or even twelve times a year because of their demanding music programs.  Whatever your needs and budget, Adkins and Associates can give you the service that you want.


With an instrument as complex as an organ, the many parts on even the smallest instruments will need minor adjustment from time to time.  Maintenance work comprises small tweaks and repairs that can be done onsite in a brief visit.


Organs are built to last, and several of our instruments are over a hundred years old, and most are over fifty.  And, in time, metal fatigues, leathers decay, wood dries out, and electrical connections corrode and break.  Adkins and Associates have performed repair jobs of all sizes in its decades of service, so let us know if you are ready to embark upon doing a major repair and we will be sure to give you many decades more use out of your instrument.

Alterations and Additions

Nobody can predict the future, so sometimes organs were originally designed with certain goals in mind, but in the decades since, circumstances have changed.  Or, maybe organs were installed under less prosperous financial circumstances and now is experiencing growth.  Whether it’s expanding congregations or a developing music program, Adkins and Associates has a generous inventory of pipework for customers looking to expand or alter their instruments.


It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes our customers have the unique opportunity to rebuild and redesign their instruments.  This is often a multi-phased project that takes place over several years.  We’ve been granted the opportunity to attend to several rebuild projects in our years of service and, if your pipe organ is in need of being rebuilt, would be happy to serve you in this effort.

The organ is in my eyes and ears the king of all instruments.

—Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
in a letter to his father 17 October 1777